Monday, August 10, 2009

2009.08.10 I Hate Dressers

Really, I do.

There are more elegant ways to use hard-earned interior cubic inches than to stumble over a dresser. This is deep wisdom, refined over forty-three years and seventeen domiciles

I find it best to stow small clothes and minor knits in hanging nylon shoe bags. The bags work for shoes, too. This arrangement makes it easy to dress fast.

Saturday morning I set out the next week’s street wear. Live inventory fills just a couple of feet of pole. Dormant inventory lives in zip-top nylon packing cubes in a blanket chest.

In a medieval household, the dominant couple lined their chamber with storage chests and slept in a four-poster in the middle of the room, like dragons sleeping over a hoard. It’s a bother to root through a chest to find one particular thing, so carpenters, the hardware geniuses of their time, eventually set a chest on short legs and put a pull-out drawer in the bottom. Thus, later, the chest of drawers. The original trunk was an actual tree trunk hollowed out, hence the rounded top. Packing cubes and envelopes turn a chest into active storage that furnishes a room with double-duty seating or a triple-duty coffee table.

If you keep a lean inventory in the closet, there will be room to stow the odd small piece of furniture, such as a director’s chair or bedside tea table on wheels, making it possible to keep the room clear, slick, flexible, and easy to maintain.
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