Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Little Giant

Photo courtesy Flickr

Last winter’s experiment with leaving the heat off unless the pipes threatened to freeze taught me that bath towels are an ideal medium for cultivating mildew. Last August, I Googled the towel racks I remembered from a particularly pretentious mail order catalogue and discovered that the heated towel rack is an idea whose time has come.

Eighty dollars and one visit to a big box home furnishings store later, I can keep the chill off the bathroom, de-humidify it, fend off mold, and dry myself with something cozy in one swoop. For eighty more dollars and another hour, I cut the number of kitchen towels that find their way into the laundry to a quarter of what I had been using.

At seventy-five watts each, these featherweight racks take the chill off a room and circulate air even more elegantly than a single incandescent light bulb. The racks do more with less and do it better.


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