Thursday, July 15, 2010

Light, Sweet, Crude

I don’t know anything about oil, but I like that name. And I like this table that I spotted in the window of a used furniture store a couple of weeks ago. It looks like a sweet bit of salvage, and if I had needed it, I’d have slipped a note under the door. Were I to bring it home, I’d wax it to isolate any possible toxic dust from old paint.

It's easy to pad a surface like this one with a folded wool blanket, fleece (like the ancient Greeks), or small self-inflating air mattress from an ultra-light sleeping bag. A layer of non-skid lace between the padding and hard surface will hold things in place.

This little piece would work well in an entry hall as a “getabako”, the traditional bench Japanese people sit on to remove their shoes when entering the house. Removing street shoes is a decent thing to do, protecting the household from pathogens and toxic dust and greatly reducing housework.

A cousin who grew up in Hawaii showed me her hilarious copy of The Roach Combat Book. One illustration, captioned something like “Party”, was a cartoon of dozens of pairs of flip-flops scattered around an entry area.


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