Friday, July 30, 2010

The Noren

The Japanese mount a short curtain across the top of a doorway to define space. A spring rod from the hardware store would be an easy way to support a simple panel of unbleached muslin. Folded over the rod, the fabric would soften this expedient row of lights. I pulled the shower curtain across the space to show what a noren (“no-wren’”) might do.

To get the most from your lighting dollar, keep the bulbs clean. With a noren in place, it would not be hideous to try daylight fluorescent bulbs or clear incandescent ones. Changing to utility bulbs would free these pricey ones for other sockets.

A noren would not diminish the dressing value of these lights-there isn’t any. Close work with make-up can happen in another room with a grooming kit and portable light, relieving pressure during morning take-off. An LED clip light or two resting on one of the shelves in the medicine cabinet will support a close shave or efforts with a blow dryer.


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