Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rear-View Mirror

Puttering week's third project is the medicine cabinet. A small investment in reflective glass pays huge dividends in an ordinary bathroom. It’s surprisingly cheap to have mirror cut to order. A frame shop can probably oblige, and they may carry featherweight acrylic mirror. Give them a paper pattern. It’s easy to hold a page of newsprint up to the area to be fitted and run a fingernail around the margin, scoring a line to be cut later on. Make the pattern to exact size and then trim it a bit smaller to allow a comfortable margin of error. Mark the right side of the pattern and ask if the edges of the glass can be burnished for safety.

A square sized to fill the panel on the back of this medicine cabinet door would, for starters, shave quite a few seconds off the dressing process. Mount it with tape. Lining the back of the cabinet with mirror would afford a rear view when grooming, improve the light, add depth to the space, and set off toiletries. One could hang hiker’s grooming kits from a towel bar to conceal utilitarian gear and allow fast exits when traveling. And best of all, a snoopy guest will find a witness.


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