Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pilots Are More Important Than Planes

Photo courtesy Flickr

I owe yesterday’s topic, cleaning in the fall, to housekeeping guru Don Aslett, who also enlightened me with a story about a military mission where there was some trouble in the air. The plane’s crew dumped a multi-million dollar piece of gear rather than put their lives at risk.

It’s stimulating to organize the house during back to school time. Might as well go to school on the house as the three Rs. A fence to fence, ridgepole to sump survey of inventory turns up dead wood nearly every time. When I was doing this Saturday, I felt like a predator-saurus in the cafeteria in Jurassic Park. It was fun rousting slacker furnishings and piling them up for disposal.

We’re downsizing in place, and this year is special: I’m no merchant and have no patience for playing chambermaid. Unless an unwanted item is a signed original or made of noble metal, the most economical way to cope with it is to get it out of here and leave it to its fate. “Antiques Road Show” has made collectors out of us all, and it’s time to get on with some other way of relating to the house. I’d rather play and share the goodies with younger friends and relatives.


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