Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rags Week: Fashion and Re-Fashion

Photo courtesy Flickr

About a third of the garments on display in the windows of a major downtown retailer can easily be scavenged or improvised nearly skill-free. It's a good way to get the most out of quality clothing.

Friday I noted shrunken sweaters with full-sized sleeves (got one waiting), crocheted chain-stitch loops covering the arms of a short-sleeved sweater (a novel alternative to patched elbows), the perennial pea jacket, and what appear to be men’s pleated dress trousers cut down into shorts.

A national designer had improvised a top for a charity benefit: he layered knit lace over a t-shirt and then trimmed and turned the t’s neckline and sleeves into facings. That would be a good way to salvage a half-dead t with the lace knits offered by the Made in America chain of shops. Knits are forgiving to hand sew. Just relax and take your time until your hands decide they know what they're doing.


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