Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Food Comes First

Photo courtesy Flickr

Yesterday’s post about kitchen clutter got me thinking about design. It would make sense to decide what and how one is going to eat before selecting equipment to support the menu.

The Navy Seals have a principle: do not let the hardware determine the mission. Following that simple rule keeps the physical household from driving me nuts. As excess makes itself apparent, it’s trivial to displace it to liberate work space.

I no longer compete with restaurants to serve complex, sophisticated meals. I leave that to the experts and focus my home efforts on fresh produce and herbivorous meat. The real asset in a home kitchen is the home itself and the privilege of dining in privacy.

A good-sized enameled cast-iron wok, rice cooker, electronic pressure cooker, and copper core stainless saute pan plus a few baking dishes will execute everything I care to fuss with in the kitchen.


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