Monday, May 9, 2011

A Lighter Shade of Grey

Photo courtesy Flickr

Any day now, there will be a glorious break in the weather. The sky will turn dove grey and the chill factor will permit a short walk without goosebumps. When the glorious break in the weather appears, Seattle natives will crawl out from under their rocks wearing the shorts and tank tops brought to the region by immigrants.

The first day is not pretty-fish belly white skin dominates the landscape
, and will do so for a couple of weeks. Eventually, filtered sun and vitamin D bring the undead back to life. The transition period is always awkward.

First day tanning is an unrecognized local tradition, along with downing a dawn beer at the Athenian and loafing on the Ship Canal’s grassy terraces of a warm Sunday evening watching tipsy sailors lock through to the lake.


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