Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snowbound Design

Photo courtesy Flickr

During the last weeks of my pregnancy, when I was flat on my back, I laid out the future of the interior. The recent foul weather was the longest uninterrupted stretch of time at home since that first marathon of visualization. The first round of home improvement is showing signs of wear, and the neighborhood is being developed, as we had hoped. This is no time to sink cash into remodeling, but it is unquestionably time to do something about the dining room floor.

A few hours of gazing into space and asking myself if I ever really use various furnishings generated dynamic emptiness that paid off immediately: it’s far easier to vacuum when a room has few obstacles. It’s far easier, too, to think and act in a house that’s furnished with easily portable chairs and tables rather than with a full, dormant complement of amenities that is replicated in each room. The place is furnished with Wi-Fi, now, and we are no longer tethered to the electronic hearth.

It’s hard to imagine a more discouraging exercise than to look at shabby areas and realize that the immediate future does not warrant investing in improvements. What I learned during the storm was that careful subtraction from the inventory generates room to better circumstances through careful maintenance rather than by shopping.

More tomorrow.


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