Friday, December 21, 2012

The Clean Side Of The Brain

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A Bay area photographer Emailed me "If I get too used to saying yes and good enough, I go soft and it bleeds over into my 'real' work." I am finding the comment valuable for tightening up my housekeeping game. Surfing for German chrome polish, I ran across a car detailing and restoration site, good speed. Their plain license plate holder and chromed valve stem covers sent me to design school, and their maintenance articles are proving useful around the house.

Ed Roth, whose car customizing shop functioned as an art atelier, said, “The heck with the house, how big is the garage?” I’d hate to belabor the point, but I think it significant that Steve Jobs grew up with a father who restored cars at home, Jobs’ chief designer Jonathan Ive is the son of a silversmith whose birthday gift each year was a day in the shop with his father executing the working drawings of Ive’s imagination, and that Tim Cook, Apple’s new chief, is the son of a Baltimore shipyard steelworker.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping House Like A Fruit Fly

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There’s something to be said for wandering around the place pausing briefly to tweak a set-up, make a note, and prep a procedure. Now and then I cruise ridgepole to sump, fence to fence, just looking things over, editing, and generally making trouble now to save trouble later.

In some circles, the process is known as management by wandering around. Whatever the handle, it’s a worthwhile exercise to keep the facility in tip top shape and something that’s easy to do when feeling restless.

I find that if I know what's up from personally looking over the state of maintenance, it’s then easy to settle down to a fixed clerical task.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Current Events

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Circumstances spared me the real time coverage of last week’s school shooting. I didn’t learn the magnitude of the day’s loss until late in the afternoon. Years ago, I learned that multiple murder, young children, and Christmas are an especially grievous combination.

The concerns about gun control that have been on the ping-pong table since President Kennedy was shot are back in play.  If the arguments engage you, I recommend Don Kates’ The Great American Gun Debate, a hard-earned, rational, soundly researched examination of the issues written by a constitutional lawyer who specializes in the second amendment. Kates skewers intellectual dishonesty and exposes cultural biases that distort gun legislation. Some of the key research in the book came out of Seattle. 

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