Friday, April 26, 2013

Slug Control

Photo courtesy Flickr

When I moved into this house in 1980, the garden was full of strapping slugs. I happened to read somewhere that slugs follow each other’s trails and crawl into the wind. In a spirit of nothing to lose, I began to tap the slugs I ran across with a gloved hand to make them curl into a ball. I then tossed them further upwind onto the parking strip to interrupt the trail. At the end of the first summer, there were no trophy-sized slugs left in the yard.

Our first house was in a neighborhood where many teen-agers lived. It was not unusual to find a beer can on the parking strip now and then. Most of the cans I picked up in the morning had small dead slugs floating in the remains of the brew. When I drink in the garden, I deliberately conceal a horizontal can under a plant to make a free, organic, disposable slug trap.

I seldom see a slug or snail now, because the birds do the pest control.


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