Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Steady State Housekeeping

Photo courtesy Flickr

Using the term is a little like listening to a grunger talk about the god particle-kinda catchy, intellectually dubious, musically valuable, and not worth the trouble to define more carefully. That’s how language goes, I suppose.

The Simon Bolivar of housework, superjanitor Don Aslett, advises managing a household with no peaks or, urk, valleys of maintenance. It’s a sane approach to an area of responsibility fraught with psychodrama.

I find it helpful to define blocks of time to commit to maintenance rather than tasks to be performed: the tasks are infinite, the time, alas, is otherwise. No matter what the crunch, the bed gets made, dishes washed, garbage evicted, and an ever-shrinking lawn mowed. Every time I approach the Zone of Smug life throws a curve and my system is tested yet again.

So far, so good. The health department continues to ignore my little establishment, and my little establishment seems ever more able to ignore me. Realizing that the house was a means to an end rather than an end in itself was a major aha! moment that allowed me literally to focus on the desktop rather than the cooktop.

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