Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Colors Of The Street

Photo courtesy Flickr
 The local academic bookstore now stocks an irresistible line of spray paint that seems to have evolved in the graffiti vandal community. A few weeks ago a locked, rolling cage of metal shelves with outlying fire extinguisher appeared under a permission slip from the fire marshal.

Lipstick colors have always represented a particular kind of poetry, often ridiculous. The paint cans are labelled with barely legible titles that would never fly in a big box home improvement center: Nato, Bazooka Joe, Vampirella, Gonzo, Lakers, Flipper, Venom, Smaragd, CAN2 Cool Candy, Duck Season, Concrete, Rusto Coat, Lip, and best of all, Teen Spirit.

I would spend long minutes zoned out in front of the display, but the security mesh is so dense I can barely see the samples. It’s worth the trouble to grope through the obstacles, though. The household is now set up to take small paint jobs to the next level.


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