Monday, June 10, 2013

Pillow Power

Photo courtesy Flickr
If the title brings back visions of the scarlet rayon velvet and fire-polished Doug fir sofa arms of the Seventies, I apologize. The stuff was awful, but the design insight viable.

Searching for an honest pillow, I’ve tried a couple of mail orders over the last year. Ultra-green kapok was disappointing, not the silky quality I remember from the Fifties and fast to compact into uselessness. Once I found a way to demote that pair of pillows to floor-seating in a low-ceilinged attic space, I replaced them with a second, equally hopeful shipment of feather-core down pillows from the local, well, feather merchant.

The pair that arrived are solidly constructed and well-proportioned with carefully boxed corners and removable silky Egyptian cotton covers. They cost the same as the kapok duds. I bought them to bolster reading in bed, and it looks as if they’ll provide decades of good service.

Interior designer Diana Phipps’s “Affordable Splendour” is pillow power with clean fingernails. The new pillows arrived ready to deploy in any of many strategies. I wouldn’t hesitate to gift wrap them in a luxury fabric using hot glue, apply piping (I buy mine at the Great Big Hiking Co-op, that calls it parachute cord), and set them on a sofa or twin day bed. We-uns like local Rodeo Round-up blankets; Ms. Phipps is partial to whole skins of leather (not a bad investment).


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