Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thinking Things Through

Photo courtesy Flickr

I cruised a local luggage specialist last week and critiqued an over-specialized side bag cunningly padded to hold small electronics. Little did I know that a light footed veteran sales guy was hovering behind us at seven o’clock. I stand by my comments, though. 

The thing was the very stylish top bag in a matching stack of large roller, under-seat companion, and thing, the smallest Bremen town musician. I like to visit this store because they carry interesting variants of luggage brands that live on the hardy shelves of the Great Big Hiking Co-op. The store’s location is slightly more convenient than the Co-op and worth the loss of a member rebate for a middling purchase.

The Co-op outfits for serious field expeditions and offers a line of protective plastic cases that list how deep the water has to be before the hull fails. These cases range from wallet size to a photographer’s rolling storeroom and itch to be handled. I have left my share of fingerprints on the stock and my share of dollars in the till.

The life I live does not ordinarily require securing gear against loss at sea. If I were considering putting two figures into a matchy-matchy shoulder pouch, I’d think again and pick up a hard-working slash proof shoulder bag from the travel specialist, stashing my Preciousphone inside encased in a Deep Six unit. The arrangement would probably cost twice as much as the top piece of the designer set, be far more useful, and serve as a truly functional response to real world security considerations.

English Conde Nast design magazine World of Interiors offered a straightforward computer bag about ten years ago: it was a bubble wrap sleeve inside an ordinary but interesting shopping tote. Nothing secures valuables like a brown paper bag. 


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