Tuesday, July 2, 2013

$40, Or Thereabouts, Later

Photo courtesy Flickr

Last summer I put a fresh coat of paint on an upstairs floor and furnished the room only with a bed and chair. I set magical sliding teflon castors under the feet of the bed in the hope that I could easily shift it from place to place in the room. The plan was to take advantage of wall- and ceiling-mounted original lighting or the comfortable daylight of summer.

It’s been easy shifting the bed from spot to spot, but unfortunately the physics of the castor arrangement turned out to be trickier than I thought. That is the story of many of my bright ideas for the house. It looks as if my fourth try with the sliders will be successful.

The bed is old and, like much nineteenth century furniture, set on small iron wheels. They are too cobby to use directly on the floor, but lively enough to  jump around in the plastic castor cups I mounted on sliders. When I shift the bed, the cups leave tracks on the floor. No gouges, thank heaven, but the system is not yet elegant. Even so, I can clean the floor in under a minute.

Last week I tried a snowshoe equivalent: small plastic castors to restrain the bed’s wheels and the largest round sliders stuck to the castor bases to distribute the load. So far so good.

When I began this experiment, I decided simply to lay a fresh coat of paint on the floor if things didn’t work out. They didn’t, but I will try cutting a rectangular mask to use to stencil patches of the same floor paint on the new marks. We’ll see. There’s always a subtle difference in the color, but patches may enrich the look of the room.

The neighborhood is growing fiercely, and we are in a holding pattern on home improvement. So far, things look promising.


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