Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Change Week-Opening Up

Photo courtesy Flickr

For one reason and another, all the storms windows stayed in place until late last week. There’s been so much construction in the neighborhood that we have been huddling behind the winter layers of glass to protect ourselves from noise and dust.

The view window in our second-story sitting area is now fully open, and I am rediscovering how very pleasant it is to lounge in restrained urban comfort and have a sense of being outdoors at the same time. Local crows use the telephone wires to stop by and say hello. We can enjoy morning coffee and follow the crows as they go about their morning business.

The soundscape in this neighborhood is civil, subdued, and literate. I hear as many birds as people, and the people themselves are sounding healthy and happy. Night and day, the streets are, for the most part, remarkably quiet. 

It seems as if the area is evolving into an urban version of a digital corporate campus.


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