Monday, July 15, 2013

The Art Of The Pour Flush

Photo courtesy Flickr

While the upstairs toilet is a new pressurized model that does not lend itself to a convenient gray-water flush, the vintage model off the kitchen is an ace. It’s been off line for a couple of decades when I was using the room for other things, but the old toilet is back in action, and it’s impressive how well it performs.

Originally, there was a classic wall-mounted tank high above the stool, but it was replaced with a lower version sometime around 1930. The tank holds ten gallons. Early on, I wrapped a brick in aluminum foil (to control crumbs) and set it in the reservoir. Adding rocks until the flush failed and then backing off a rock or two established a system that flushed with the same amount of water as the high-tech version upstairs: one and a half gallons.

It turns out that the device flushes adequately with even less water. I set a vintage bucket in the sink and collect hand-washing water. With the right aim and velocity (front and center, paying attention) I can pour-flush waste with less than a quart of water.


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