Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Compost Pitcher

Photo courtesy Flickr

Since 1980, every bit of compost generated in this kitchen has been buried in the garden just outside the back door. I’ve stumbled through many iterations of collection devices. The one that works best is an ordinary plastic two-quart pitcher that sits on the counter close to the sink. It takes a couple of days to fill it, and the handle makes a convenient one-handed job of carrying it to the midden.

Once it's emptied, I carry the pitcher to the sink, rinse it, squirt a dash of rubbing alcohol into the bottom for odor control, and it’s good to go. Then I rinse and sanitize the sink with another swipe of alcohol, my favorite disinfectant and degreaser. Cheap vodka works, too, if you want an even more multi-purpose colorless fluid.


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