Friday, August 9, 2013

Deft Rec

Photo courtesy Flickr

Last Friday I finally called my partner and asked him to meet me at the Market between busses home. I’d had errands to do downtown and thought it was high time we grabbed a quick meal together at the end of the week.

It took twenty years of cogitation and twenty seconds to make the cell call. Learning to use the city is a gradual process, and one that revives the folkways my mother taught me during her original Mad Men days downtown.

Wise locals avoid the Market “after they throw out the first fish”, but we like to connect with ur Seattle between work week and week end. Breakfast at the Market is a joy that requires getting up and getting dressed. Friday fish and chips, it turns out, is a good time to decompress when the second shift of servers are still fresh and countless visitors have not yet realized they’re hungry.


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