Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kitchen Down!

Photo courtesy Flickr

In lieu of laying vinyl over vintage linoleum, I painted the kitchen floor. Breaking  out a nervous brush and the trusty can tool, I reasoned that the floor would originally have been painted: linoleum was cutting edge in its day. The old sheet flooring is laid directly over boards, and ghost images of them form shadow patterns in the new paint. That’s fine with me.

Painting a floor is easy. Waiting for the stuff to dry tests both character and the kitchen fan. In a warm month, forty-eight hours will permit barefoot traffic for minor tasks. A good week or two is necessary to protect the new surface from the full onslaught of kitchen duties. Ban street shoes, a good housekeeping move for many reasons.

There was a covert reward for painting the floor: having the sink inaccessible created an automatic emergency drill for life support systems. We drew down the emergency pantry just in time for this fall’s new crops and were able to tune up for an annual autumn camp-out that is itself a dress rehearsal for the hunters in the group.


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