Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Photo courtesy Flickr

Saturday was one of those fine garden days, the soil freshly moistened and fragrant from a heavy rain, with hot and cold running neighbors strolling by, some on their way to the largest arts festival in the country. Grooming the front bank, I chatted for a while with a new tenant on the block. He’s subletting for a couple of months while he does an internship.

When my son was born, it was my privilege to hear many birth cries on the ward. I’ll never forget the sound. The new neighbor mentioned that he’d been raised in a rural area of northern California and had lived on acreage all his life. His avocation is equestrian eventing, and his new digs are the first time he’s ever lived in a city. With a faint tinge of wonder in his voice, B. mentioned that he’d “walked up to Safeway” earlier in the morning.

Congratulations. Many more pedestrian joys to him.


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