Monday, September 30, 2013

Small Steps

Photo courtesy Flickr

I’ve been savoring the management principle that maintains one can stay three years ahead [of what?] by making small changes. The venerable tissue company just sold me a package with brash marketing printed on the top. When I broke out the new container I flinched at the lettering. Briefly, I considered that last week’s delay in buying a tissue holder might have been a feckless move.

Someone at the company seems to have realized that after-market accessories contrived to hide the product might not be a good sign. When I tried to open the new package, I had to turn it over and discovered that the dispenser side is on the bottom, plainly decorated with the classic Sydney Cockerell endpaper design that covers the whole package. All the sides of the package have discreet and unobtrusive renderings of the company’s logo.

When I shopped for this tissue at a local drug chain, I compared prices and found it cheaper than generic competition. Not bad, huh? 


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