Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple Crisp

Photo courtesy Flickr

The simplest of recipes: mix unsalted butter or bland vegetable oil with oatmeal, a little flour, white pepper, and chopped toasted pecans. Improvise if you feel like it, but be generous with the fat.

Spray a baking dish. I like to use small, shallow rectangular glass storage dishes to set up MREs. Cut small flakes of peel off a lemon. Work into a large-ish bowl. I like to use a sharp paring knife for all the work. Juice the lemon into the bowl. It’s simple to ream it with a fork. Peel the estimated number of apples, mixed varieties are best, and slice large irregular flakes off the fruit into the bowl. Mix with the lemon juice as you work to keep the slices from browning. When the quantities look about right, mix the fruit with a little turbinado sugar, a dusting of flour, some pie spice, maybe a dash of cayenne, and some vanilla. It’s hard to fail with this one.

Fill the baking dish(es) about halfway with the fruit, dot with butter, and top with the oatmeal mixture, patting it into place. Spray the top with baking spray for extra crispness, and bake at 350 for about half an hour. Your nose will tell you when things are done. This is a healthful utility recipe that may impress no one with your skills, but will keep the family out of a fast food outlet. Like many old-fashioned recipes, it stands or falls on the quality of its ingredients and the care with which they are presented.


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