Thursday, October 24, 2013


Photo courtesy Flickr

Now and then I window-shop on-line. Within a given category, Seattle’s Own Great Northern European Fashion Chain offers more choices than a sane person can evaluate, although I don’t mind trying from time to time. Saturday’s session sent me down an endless list of dresses. By the time the laptop battery was gone, I was pleased to realize that the most enduring styles are cut from quality fabric in the purest, most graceful basic forms. They ain’t cheap, neither are they the most expensive. Eventually, I will put money into one of these designs when the need arises. I know the cost per use will be a third to a tenth, and sometimes a hundredth or a thousandth, of the cost per use of something expedient that says sad things about my judgement.

Parisian fashion writer Ines de la Fressange advises spending half one’s clothing budget on good design and half on things that are frivolous.


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