Monday, October 21, 2013


Photo courtesy Flickr

For the last two weeks, the weather community has been promising sun. For the last two weeks, the weather itself has delivered cool, gray, intensely humid days perfectly designed to curl hair, dampen ironing and printing paper, and refresh what’s left of the garden.

Weather like this is why God made sheep. A fine wool t-shirt next to the skin and a good pair of wool socks protect body heat, morale, and cognition from the creeping damp of a foggy day. It takes very little to forestall hypothermia, but that very little can save a life.

By three in the afternoon, my work area is gasping for BTUs. Shreds of late afternoon sun are enough to start beating back the chill. A seventy-five watt horticultural sprouting mat warms the feet while one tea light and a cuppa restore courage as the day wanes.


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