Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Coffee Pot

For several years, I wandered past speckled blue coffee pots on the shelves of The Great Big Hiking Co-op’s kitchen section. Nothing says car camping or rental cabin like that kind of cookware. And nothing says a good expedient nineteenth century design is still a good expedient design in 2013 like that particular vessel.

Enameled steel has its limitations, the most significant of which is the risk of contributing a glassy chip to whatever dish one is preparing. With that in mind, however, the light weight and low price of the stuff makes it just right for certain uses, like staking a claim on an unattended campsite.

A change in my cooking technology made a ferrous coffee pot appealing, and I sprang for one a few months ago. I have been delighted to compare it to the original English china coffee pot, the baroque “can” form of which was lifted line for line from an eighteenth-century Asian model. They’re identical, splendid testimony to the fundamental value of, uh, research. The blue pot is featherweight, beautifully balanced, and one heck of good design for under $30.


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