Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Snuff Bottle

Photo courtesy Flickr

Seattle’s Asian art museum displays its collection of snuff bottles along the north wall of one of the inner galleries. All my life I have loved to contemplate the rows of skilled iterations of the same basic design. You can do the same thing by pulling up a large sized en from several of the various fonts on your computer. Like the persons of classmates who wear the same school uniform, a defined base emphasizes individuality rather than conformity.

Seattle’s very own Northern European Fashion Chain sent a mailing announcing the return of the textile version of a snuff bottle, the little black dress. I pulled up the page and found an entertaining and revealing collection of current thought about personal style. I also found the heart of the wisdom of the little black dress: my own two-piece version assembled from the offerings of a mid-range vendor of knits looks like it will be good for another fifteen years.


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