Thursday, October 3, 2013


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Two weeks ago we broke camp in ten minutes as a thunderstorm promised a dramatic night in the field. The decision was a good one that generated an ankle deep wash of gear and supplies on the main floor of the house. 

Usually after something like this I tidy up like a hamster compulsively restoring order to a newly cleaned cage. This week, though, higher priorities crowded the calendar. I’ve been gliding through cluttered pathways gently kicking things to one side as I transport this and that to the next stage of preparing it for readiness for the next field trip. Taking it easy turns out to be a simple and productive way to turn housekeeping into nothing at all. Chores evaporate when they’re accomplished while doing other, more interesting things under the roof.

My mother was the only woman in my circle who worked outside the home. I swear, she did everything but vacuum with the sash of her terry-cloth bathrobe. Doing so was not the best Betty Crocker form, but it’s a rare occasion that requires the housekeeping version of a flak jacket. The house lives best when it’s not an end in itself.


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