Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Yoga

Photo courtesy Flickr

Two months’ media Christmas churning has improved the way I am managing the holidays. The budget hasn’t changed, but I’m far ahead on preparations. I ran into a childhood playmate the other day. Sharon mentioned that Hanuka starts the day before Thanksgiving. I congratulated her on having to iron only one tablecloth, and her puckish husband chuckled about fetching the good dishes out of the top cupboard.

Only a vandal would top the gentle humor of that remark. My inner housemaid, though, considered the wisdom of climbing a ladder at seventy-five to hand down the Belleek to one’s partner. An aunt lost her formal dinner service for twelve to a Hilo earthquake that shook it right out of the cupboards and onto the floor. In the spirit of through the looking glass, I then shelved my most valued dishes in the lower cupboards in the pantry, securing the doors against toddlers. Heavy pots are best shelved at shoulder height to protect the back when handling them.

Whatever, it’s fun to joke about china and even more fun to set a table.


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