Thursday, November 21, 2013

Side Work

Photo courtesy Flickr

A favorite breakfast place posted a list of additional tasks the servers were expected to perform as time permitted. Commercial food terms and practices are valuable in a domestic context. The nitty gritty of producing and consuming three squares is the matrix out of which commercial food evolved, and for-profit operations are a source of efficient innovation.

Lately, I’ve been managing the house by stationing myself in a given location and knocking off various tasks that are within twenty steps or so of the stool on which I perch. The hard seat and easy access of the stool facilitate getting up and moving around every twenty minutes or so, the recommended sessile maximum. Alternating seated and standing tasks keeps my brain oxygenated and the horizontal work surfaces in the house clear of clutter.

This technique is more fun to do than to write about. KEXP is the key to the mint.


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