Monday, November 4, 2013

This Is Luxury?

Photo courtesy Flickr

Last year I decided to substitute a choice hand-carved barrette for six haircuts. I wore the thing in public for the first time last week. One of my fellow gym rats tapped me on the shoulder, handed over three figures worth of buffalo horn, and said, “I think you dropped something.” My guard, perhaps. I learned after the ornament arrived that it is meant to be kept dry. This is Seattle.

The work on the barrette is so lovely it is a coif in itself. When I opened the package, I discovered that the pin is sharp enough I might have trouble getting through airport security. That feature may be a cultural one, the southeast Asian variant of the old school hatpin with which women defended themselves. The packaging was nearly as sophisticated as that from Pomme. I worked my way through matte silver mylar, a ribbon woven with integrated logo, a stout paper box just the right size to store writing tools, and a heavy cotton velvet pouch. 

It is tempting to take the barrette to my friendly local three-d print shop, but respect for intellectual property rights stays my hand. I’d certainly like to see something of similar design quality in plastic.


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