Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life In The Soft Lane

Housewares Central photo courtesy Flickr

As a frisky young hiker, I shared my trail-mates’ disdain for the bulky luxuries of the campground. A noisy sheet of bubble-wrap was the Co-op’s state of the art alternative to a rubberized air mattress. 

As a relatively frisky housekeeper, I discovered not long ago that the Co-op’s six-foot rectangular slab of self-inflating foam topped with a thin memory layer is a perfectly good substitute for A.dorky cushions on a sofa that are hard to sleep on and equally dorky conventional mattress. Topped with an additional memory foam module, the self-inflating six by two foot super luxury pad is a versatile featherweight substitute for the received wisdom of a conventional furniture store. I use a pair of pads on an old bed frame fitted with two lengths of commercial grid wall in lieu of a box spring. The self-inflating pads are modular with standard mattress sizes and can be redistributed if the house becomes a crash pad. The sofa unit is camouflaged with an Oregon Roundup blanket.

What looks excessive from trailside is elegant viewed from the parking lot. It’s even more elegant when the time comes to rearrange the bedroom.


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