Monday, December 16, 2013

Revving Up For The Holidays

Photo courtesy Flickr

Casual entertaining early in the month is like the false labor that precedes the real thing-a good opportunity to get systems in tune and ready to go. Recent events produced impromptu gatherings at the house and led to what Army bureaucrats call after-action reports. No big deal, but I rediscovered the value of subtraction in getting the house ready for the coming stream of visitors. When the dining and food service areas are stripped, the tabletop becomes its own ornament, and it's easy to concentrate on presenting a meal.

This place was designed and built long before the Fifties notion of casual living intruded on traditional meal service. I keep rediscovering that it’s easier to put food on the table and afford guests a relaxing time if I just prep and serve courses myself. It’s that simple, and no one argues when I encourage them to stay seated.

I also rediscovered that disposable table ware is more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll save the paper and plastic for the emergency and field kits.


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