Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Virtues Of Maritime Design

World War Two generated some elegant procurement by the US Navy. To the all-time middy blouse and pea jacket were added a female uniform from Mainbocher (Chuck Yeager’s friend Jacqueline Cochran put that submission on the most beautiful model in a field of dumpy candidates) and simple stainless steel flatware from Tiffany. I would collect it, but it’s rare now.

The Original San Francisco Import Chain, home of preppie classics, is selling close copies at a very good price. Last week’s potluck convinced me to replace the stainless flatware I’d handed off to the heir when he set up housekeeping. As fate has it now and then, the next day I ran across the import copies. $84 set me up with service for twelve, including serving gear and doubles of the forks and spoons that get the most use. Having two means I don’t have to do scullery duty between courses. The low price means I don’t have to hover over the inventory.


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