Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Salads

Photo courtesy Flickr

These will carry you over the slack period between Christmas and the New Year. They store well, use ingredients that store equally well, and are kind to the innards.

Old school cole slaw makes it easy to add yet another serving of vegetables to a healthy day’s diet. The in-house blade lover keeps his Dexter cleaver razor sharp and chops cabbage into tiny flakes. He adds finely grated carrot, a little sugar, red pepper flakes, white vinegar, and a neutral oil.

Equally old school fruit salad is an improviser’s dream year round. Winter apples, citrus, nuts, and dried fruit combine obligingly. Prunes and slivered almonds have a delicious symbiosis. I dress a fruit salad with a little oil to protect cut surfaces from browning, add lemon juice, and now and then a little liqueur that might compliment the ingredients.


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