Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Precious But Not Valuable, Valuable But Not Precious

Photo courtesy Flickr

A mentor advised me that the things I value most would not be the things a thief would take. She was privileged to own many works of art that would presumably light up the eyes of any competent burglar, so I took her words to heart.

Years of daily service have turned up a list of domestic all-stars: a nickel-steel skillet that’s been turning out eggs and chops since around 1870, a Replete Brush Company nail brush made of the first wave of industrial nylon that’s been cleaning grubby fingers since 1947, a 1912 desk lamp, a fifty cent thrift store pepper grinder, and an irreplaceable single-layer terry cloth potholder from Fancy. The list is far from inclusive. No doubt every household has its version. When I’m downsizing in place, the energy sumps are things with a market value too large to ignore that take more than they give.


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