Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little Giant

That's a Pulaski in the guy's hand. Hot shots photo courtesy Flickr

Recent forest fire coverage showed crews clearing narrow breaks with the McCleod combination hoe and rake. Following a tip, an exploratory tour of a field science mail order catalogue convinced me that a McCleod might be just the thing to keep the front bank in order. The planting is designed to mimic a Western Washington roadside. Sharpened, the McCleod made such short work of grooming the bank that I no longer need to use it.

The catalogue, Ben’s Grassy Area, listed other tempting products, like a long-handled flapper for stomping out brush fires, no doubt useful in offices, and a utility desk with adjustable legs for standing or seated work (substitute plastic bed risers with any table). I see the catalogue’s screaming yellow fireproof shirts on news reports of burns and wish I could work one into my wardrobe.


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