Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Never Give Up

Photo courtesy Flickr

Local thrift shops have yielded a small collection of veteran Award-Winning director’s chairs, the graceful hardwood 1890 version of a porta-throne from Tut's tomb. Look for a brass plate under a seat rail and lines like the chair legs in the illustration, but without the desk arm. A couple of the chairs had never been curried below the knee, and I use them outdoors on a rustic patio.

The looks of one of them got to be too much last spring, and I set it in the alley for a scavenger. No one took it away, and in a moment of brain fade I set it back into the woodshed to await another design decision. I installed a fresh white canvas seat in anticipation of incoming visitors. The contrast of pristine fabric and walnut-stained weathered varnish fading to driftwood feet is a delightful, accidental recreation of the best of Seventies interior thinking. That beat up old chair is now as good as the best seat in the house.


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