Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Asking For Trouble

Photo courtesy Flickr

Automated housekeeping systems free so much time and attention that there’s a risk of outrunning good procedure.  New enterprises distract from basic obligations, and the temptation to scamp on simple chores grows strong.

Current warm weather and the Los Angeles water main break reminded me over the morning dishpan what a luxury hot running water is. I have tightened my game with the microbes: preparing meals for a friend who’s on chemo demands that I protect her impaired immune system with meticulous food safety procedures.

It’s important, too, to handle solid waste with conscious care. Changing the plastic bag that lines a waste bin, I remembered what rigorous management used to involve. A galvanized garbage can was washed and scalded between fillings and lined with clean newspaper. Cleanly recycling requires as much, and more awkward, washing than a pan of dishes.

I anticipate that three-D printing will disappear many housekeeping concerns, as one will be able to program the vessel of choice and simply recycle the printing medium on the spot.


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