Friday, August 15, 2014

Furniture Improv

Photo courtesy Flickr

Before air conditioning, families in the Old South would set up beds in the entry hall when the weather was unbearable. It’s a good feeling to get draft working for one. The recent hot spell left me longing for a cot on the ground floor and short of energy to move furniture.

Modular dimensions are gratifying. 24” x 72” paid off. I put together a super-luxury memory foam-topped hiking pad, a rectangular synthetic sleeping bag in a surprisingly good green, and one panel of display industry epoxy-coated welded wire grid. Bag spread open on dining table, grid on bag, pad on grid, zip shut, set on four legally acquired industrial quality sixteen quart dairy crates taped together in pairs. I could have crashed on the floor, but it’s squalid in a Western room. 

Each of the elements of the sleeping set up works year round in other contexts. 


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