Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The End Of Patriarchy As We Have Known It

Some people say the eye is a cold master. Photo courtesy Flickr.

The in-house scavenger has a knack for putting together first-rate sound systems from thrift stores. I didn’t have the heart to ask him yet again to assemble one particular speaker/tuner combination, so I set out with a reel of wire, cutters, and shop knife to connect some prime vintage gear.

Fiddling with bare speaker wire and obsolete screw terminals, I remembered the gallant neighbor who showed up one Seventies day to add a little FM tuner to my KLH Model 11. He set things up and left with a cheerful apology about the absence of a protective case.

It’s safe to say that all twentieth century American females were rightly raised to be terrified of electricity, a hard-earned cornerstone of righteous housekeeping. Bare copper wire is still as daunting to me as an aggravated  rattlesnake.

Standardized coaxial connectors took the fear out of assembly, although they added a considerable amount of confusion to electronic inventory. They enabled those like me who suffer from furniture-arranging disease. I waffled for months about the shoulder-high pair of speakers that now stand in their original corners in the dining room, shifting them here and then in search of a sweet spot. The other gear head in the house pointed out a truism: good audio takes up space. S’okay.


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