Monday, September 15, 2014

Hitting The Road

Photo courtesy Flickr

The annual rustic week-end with a group of field scientists hove into view Friday morning. After last year’s gathering, I had stuffed our small mountain of mummy bags and down garments into four square pillow shams. We lounged all winter on soft storage containers. When it was time to load the car this year, all I had to do was double-check the contents of the shams and set them in the back seat.

Having imprinted on an early edition of the Sierra Club’s Going Light With Backpack Or Burro, I like a tidy-looking load. There was a chapter on how to tie a diamond hitch so the donkey looks stylish. It’s not folly: organizing a righteous burden takes best advantage of the power that’s going to move the thing, be it biological or mechanical. All it takes is a few minutes on the trail with a badly loaded pack to get the message.


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