Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hallowe'en Week: Clusters

Photo courtesy Flickr user Enokson

The last ten days brought a rapid sequence of stressors to the household. Heart-wrenching events demanded every bit of my attention while I was in the middle of a remodeling project, working to deadline on an outside commitment, trying to get back in shape, and favoring a bum knee.

Happy endings eased the pressure. Now that I can sit back and take stock, the following are apparent: a well-stocked emergency pantry protects cognition, keeping inventory in a predictable location (home position close to the point where something is used first) supports quick, effective action, and staying on top of routine maintenance protects me from feeling that my little ship is sinking.

It’s my privilege to attend a weekly support group of people who have been touched by a dread disease. I’m healthy and the original crisis that brought me to the group resolved itself happily. Several years’ listening to others’ tales of grief, fear, and plain old hassle have made it obvious that running a tight domestic ship is worth the small amount of attention, labor, and cash that it demands. The payoff is huge. I won’t list the details but will point out that sooner or later someone has to deal with necessary tasks. Taking care of business protects wealth and guarantees that you will be remembered fondly. Click keywords efficiency, homeland security, and inventory control to bring up relevant posts.


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