Monday, October 27, 2014

Hallowe'en Week: Super Hallows

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I don’t recall a year when there have been so many scare factors in play, so I’m posting a small collection of cautionary topics over the next five days.

The first is a simple (and not so simple) public health concern: table manners. Table is not quite the right term, since so much food is consumed out of hand in casual circumstances. Used to was, every member of every family ate every meal at home. People walked home for lunch. Except for bread and butter, that accompanied every menu, food was consumed with a knife and fork. Only toddlers ate with their fingers. With rogue viruses on the loose, I’ve become conscious of how casually we use our hands to eat and how much conscious effort it takes to retrain ourselves.

I’m no slouch at hand washing, but the game can be much tighter.Leave the wrapper on finger food, use a knife and fork or chopsticks as often as you can-even for a sandwich, use a napkin, for heaven’s sake, and consider washing your hands or using an alcohol gel after eating as well as before. The old school finger bowl was passed to guests following a course of food eaten out of hand, and it deserves to be revived, or at least remembered.

Emily Post’s website is humane and reliable.


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