Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sometimes LOL Means Little Old Lady

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I swapped life support tips with an old friend last week. My buddy brought up her concerns for the culinary short cuts her younger colleagues use to get dinner on the table. Allie said the youngsters use prepared dishes, while she wants to know what she’s eating. We agreed that simplicity trumps convenience.

One cultural innovation builds on another until awareness of sensible origins is lost. Bread is an original convenience food, as are beer and wine. Cheese preserves milk. It’s a small matter to supplement deli and bakery staples with a bag of mixed salad greens (sanitize right in the bag with diluted peroxide and then diluted vinegar) and some fresh fruit (sanitize with the same solutions). 

Choose food to benefit gut and brain: the two are inseparable. There are enough brain cells lining the gut to make up a cat brain-nothing to boast about, but the key to wellness and good function. Pay attention to the quality of the paste that leaves your innards. That will give you feedback, so to speak, about your choices.

I find that giving up salt sensitizes the palette. It takes a while to make the transition, but doing so makes it easy to appreciate the subtle flavors of simple food.


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