Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Farmer's Hours

Photo courtesy Flickr user whiteforge

Such is the nature of my life that it makes good sense to crawl out of bed at four-thirty each morning. KCTS reconfigured its schedule this fall. I am finding hearty, nourishing broadcast content as I put breakfast together and prepare to enjoy the city by living off peak. 

The suit turned biker who narrates the Craftsman’s Legacy visited a blacksmith last week and tried his hand at the forge. The smith demonstrated a sequence of procedures to turn a length of square section iron rod into a piece of flat ware. I was delighted to observe that at one point in the process, the piece naturally expressed the graceful arched back of a classic table knife. It's a joy to discover the origin of a traditional form.

Ironworking is mere theory for me, but the technology is poetic. David Pye discusses iron in the Nature and Art of Workmanship. I particularly remember his pointing out that the smith holds lives in his hardware.


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