Friday, November 21, 2014

High Grade

Photo courtesy Flickr user Richardvanw

The verb is very useful. Recent changes in the way we use the interior resulted in shuffling the contents of half the rooms.  Since storage of small artifacts is concentrated in one room on each floor, rearranging is trivial.

I peeled a few layers of ornament from the walls and tabletops and set up essential furnishings in their new places. With lighting resolved, all that remains is to place a focal point on a wall or two. I could say “hang a picture”, but a picture is not always necessary. An antique tool or choice piece of local timber will serve my purposes just as well in certain spaces.

Reconfiguring generated a small collection of surplus furnishings. Some are heirlooms, and I’ll offer them to family. Others--I’m not so sure--but it feels right to set them closer to the door than to the archive. 


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