Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Photo courtesy Flickr user Ed Yourdon
This is earthquake country. One can never predict when it will be necessary to walk two or ten miles. This is also, and obviously, rain country. One can never predict when those two or ten miles might involve skirting wreckage and hoofing through biting wind with wet feet cramped into some kind of style romp.

I shopped for boots recently. Several scouting trips revealed that most of the time a boot is not quite the boot it might be. Many of the models on the market are lightly constructed and far from waterproof. They’re not cheap, either. For the same or less money, a smart pair of truly waterproof Wellie variants or a set of real hiking boots can be counted on to get you from here to there. Tuck a featherweight pair of fashion something or others into your side bag.


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